Big Bertha's Adventures

Carpe diem! Drive the Dodge Charger! Buy the Boots!

“What car do you currently drive?” asked the Enterprise employee.

Denise:  “A Hyundai Sonata.  I’m fine with a small rental car.”

Enterprise employee:  “I can get you in a Dodge Charger.”

I thought she was joking but I turned around to see the black Dodge Charger just outside the building.

Denise:  “Really?  Well…my friends will approve.”

She walked me to the car and assured me I’d enjoy the drive.  I didn’t think I’d be able to get the car out of the parking lot.

Day 1

Coworkers:  “How fast did you drive the car?”

Denise:  “Oh, not me.  I drove Granny style—I took the side streets.  I’m ok going slow.”

Big Bertha's Adventures

Once home I realized I “needed” to get dressed up to drive this car.  Maybe a polka dot dress.  I was also very disappointed it rained – the car got dirty.  I decided to go to the car wash after the gym.  Such a car should look its best at all times.  (I was also aware of the 60 percent chance of rain the next day.  The Sonata gets a car wash on rare occasions – even when there’s no chance of rain.)


Day 2
Coworkers:  “How’s the car?”

Denise:  “I changed the tolltag registration to the Charger.  The Charger and I went joyriding on State Highway 121.  We got up to 80 mph.”

Before going home I decided boots were necessary for driving this car.  Boots would complete my look.

I also tested the carrying capacity of the Charger.  Can it carry my favorite photography prop, my “traveling chair?”  Yes, it can!

Big Bertha's Adventures


Day 3
The Charger and I weren’t ready to go home—so we went to dinner and had gelato with a friend.  I had to show off the car and do a photo shoot.  My only regret— it rained earlier that day and the car got dirty.

Big Bertha's Adventures


The view of the Charger at night.

Big Bertha's Adventures

Day 4

Denise:  “I wonder what the trade-in value is for my Sonata.”


It was a sad day when I received the call that my Sonata was ready and it was time to return the Charger.  I had already renamed the Charger to “The Gladiator.”

I walked in to Enterprise with the keys and was greeted by the same employee who rented the car to me.

Denise:  “Thank you so much for choosing that car for me!  It was a life-changing experience.  I had to get dressed up – I bought boots – it was an amazing car!”

Enterprise employee:  “That’s wonderful!  If I remember correctly, you were hesitant to take that car.”

Before leaving all 4 Enterprise employees were standing nearby, smiling as I rattled on about the positive experience of driving a Dodge Charger.  One employee asked,”tell us, how fast did you drive?  You won’t get in trouble.”

I hesitated.  “I got it up to 80 mph.  That’s as fast as I was willing to go.  But it was fun.”

Driving to work in my practical Sonata I was inspired to write advertising taglines for the Dodge Charger.

Dodge Charger:  When you want to arrive looking cool.

Dodge Charger:  For those who want to live a little… or a lot!

TV commercial or magazine ad:
I spend most of my time commuting in my car – I might as well look good as I drive.  That’s why I drive a Dodge Charger!


Closing thoughts:

Did I enjoy waking up each day knowing I’d get to drive the Dodge Charger to work?  Absolutely.  The proof is in this blog.  Is the Dodge Charger for everyone?  No.  Is it a practical choice for me and my circumstances?  No.  Are there other cars that are a better value, a better ride, better quality… etc… yes.  Odds are if you ask a dozen people what car is the best you’d get a dozen different answers.  In fact, if you ask a dozen people their opinion on anything you’d get a dozen different answers.  And that’s ok.  The beauty of adulthood – you can make an informed decision that is right for you.



5 thoughts on “Carpe diem! Drive the Dodge Charger! Buy the Boots!

  1. I assume it was the V6 instead of the V8…you should rent a V8 version one day.

    “Is it a practical choice for me and my circumstances? No. Are there other cars that are a better value, a better ride, better quality… etc… yes.” Do we always have to be practical though? Why not drive something you love instead of driving something that you don’t care about? If you are going to go in car debt, why no get something that you want instead of something that is just a good idea?

    I’m told that I am the poster child for practicality, boring, and mundane. live in California where gas prices are high and insurance is high (one day I will leave). However, I went out and bought a Challenger, which is basically a two door version of the Charger. My town is in the middle of no where, 100 miles to the nearest anything, so you would think I would buy a car with good highway mileage…nope, 5.7L V8 with 376 HP that I have sense modified to make faster 🙂

    1. It is a great car. I came to my ‘senses’ and got a more practical, affordable car, a Honda Accord. It also stores a lot more– I tend to pack my car with photography props. 🙂

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