Big Bertha's Adventures

Forget making lemonade. Try this approach instead.

If I were to give an account for my day I’d say:
1.  I gave sincere praise to a coworker.
2.  I shared in a friend’s excitement for her accomplishment.
3.  I took pleasure in a friend’s success for overcoming an obstacle.
4.  I shared an article with a friend who has a difficult supervisor.  He admitted using similar techniques described in the article and experiencing success.  We both reveled in his achievement.
5.  When presented with a problem – I resisted avoiding it – instead I listened and my associate and I came up with a solution.
6.  I gave a coworker credit even though she wasn’t in the room.
7.  I was courteous to someone I dislike and received courtesy in return.
8.  I was grateful to a stranger for her kindness.
9.  I prayed for someone with more sorrow than I can imagine.
10.  I got up.

I can tell you all the horrible things that happened today but those aren’t as noteworthy as the good I accomplished despite how my day began.  In fact, without the horrible aspect to my day I wouldn’t have reflected on the good I achieved today – no matter how small or insignificant.  Moreover, I may not have been as motivated to have bothered doing any good in the first place.  I did what I thought was impossible and unlikely:  I made orange juice from lemons!  (Because I don’t like lemonade!)

When life hands you lemons, do what seems impossible and unlikely!

Big Bertha's Adventures


Camera:  Canon 5D Mark II
Lens:  50 mm
Date:  February 2015
Props:  Orange juice was way past its prime but it made a great prop.

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