Big Bertha's Adventures

We played with bears!

My friend Kurt Parten shared a link on Facebook today.  It was a link to photos of ‘neatly organized things’.  He added an eye-catching message to his post:  “For my OCD friends…” That certainly got my attention.

When I saw the post, I smiled… and grumbled.  I have yet another theme to add to my ever growing list of photos I need to try on my own.  On the bright side… I remembered I have these bear photos I’ve been sitting on for 2 years.  I’ve wanted to use them but didn’t know how… until today!

Admittedly, they aren’t neatly organized but they certainly are cute!


The bears have just barely assembled for their annual Bear Hug Convention.  Bears from all over the world convene for this great event.

Big Bertha's Adventures

Here they are in a sing-a-long.  Bear in mind, they aren’t known for their singing ability.  Most passersby hearing the noise just grin and bear it.

Big Bertha's Adventures

Here they are preparing for a group Bear Hug.

Big Bertha's Adventures

My buddy Joseph decided to reorganize the assembly.

Big Bertha's Adventures

Joseph decided to organize the bears by color.

Big Bertha's Adventures

The bears certainly are fun to arrange.  Even 2 years later… I miss those bears!

Big Bertha's Adventures

Big Bertha's Adventures

Hopefully these photos bear witness to the art and playfulness of photography.

Big Bertha's Adventures

Big Bertha (Canon EOS 5D Mark II)
Canon G11

Date:  April 2012
Notes:  Dive in and have fun.




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