Big Bertha's Adventures

Grandma’s Hands

A year ago I thought of starting a photography series on hands – young and old.  Although I was very excited about the idea – I didn’t get very far in making it happen.  I was waiting for the right photo to launch the series.  It turns out I’ve had the photos in my library for a few years. 

This is my 80+ year old grandma!

Big Bertha's Adventures

We were working on an art project below. Keeping busy is a healthy exercise to stay positive.  Plus it’s hard to resist all those colorful Sharpies.

Big Bertha's Adventures

Date:  September 2011
Camera:  Canon G11

4 thoughts on “Grandma’s Hands

  1. I am always pensive when I consider the passing of life. When we are young and healthy and absorbed in our active lives, we may think of the elderly with disdain and forget the vitality, passion, and success of their youth, as well as the memories and wisdom they can share.

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