Big Bertha's Adventures

Farm Living

While I was in Michigan for a few days my friend Michelle gave me a tour of her parents’ farm.  She and her family know how much I enjoy taking photos.

As I indicated, there was little time—we just had an evening there—but I took as many photos as I could.  It was a very captivating place and I can only imagine a great deal of work to maintain.  What discipline they have!

At the end of the day Michelle, her mother and I stayed up late talking in the kitchen.  I showed them the photos from the day and they looked at them with such amazement.  They hadn’t seen their farm through the lens of my camera before and I was happy to see they liked the photos.

Here are some highlights.

Big Bertha's Adventures

Big Bertha's Adventures

Big Bertha's Adventures

Big Bertha's Adventures

One of my favorite photos.  They are such beautiful animals.  Makes me want to return for another visit but with Big Bertha!

Big Bertha's Adventures

Camera:  Canon G11
Date:  April 2012

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