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Faux Ads & More: Cowboy Boots

A few weeks ago, my friend Sam Solomon and I had a discussion on the photos from the Random Object Wednesday:  Yeehaw post.  If you missed it, you should click here to see the photos.

We both agreed that the golden photos might not be for every taste but they have a use.  That’s when we came up with a new idea….

Today’s post launches an exciting new section in Big Bertha’s Adventures:  Faux Ads & More.

Sam’s Assignment: 

  • Create an advertisement using one of the cowboy boot photos.  I chose the photo – it happens to be one of my favorites.  Here’s the photo for his assignment:

Big Bertha's Adventures

  • We left the deadline open-ended this way he’d have enough time to find inspiration, experiment and most importantly treat this as a fun project.

Here’s the advertisement he created.  I love what he did!

Big Bertha's Adventures

Since the photo was horizontal he decided to design it as a 2-page spread for a magazine.  Here’s what the ad would look like if it were printed in a magazine…

Big Bertha's Adventures


  • Look at photos with new possibilities!  With the right skills, they can easily be turned into marketing materials for print ads, digital ads and more.
  • Need help dreaming up your next marketing campaign or designing marketing materials?  Big Bertha’s Adventures has resources that can help.

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