Big Bertha's Adventures

The man without a face.

I visited one of my favorite stores recently, HobbyTown USA, to make an important purchase for the blog. They were a bit pricey but I think they are well worth the investment.

The train conductor made his debut on a marigold at the Dallas Arboretum recently. I had to be selective with the photos, if I dropped the N Scale sized figure in the garden it would be lost forever.

Big Bertha's Adventures

Before leaving the Arboretum I decided the pumpkins and gourds would be the best option for a photo shoot with the train conductor.

I was lost in the moment of setting up the shot. When I got up and looked around I noticed a little girl watching me—and smiling.

Here’s a look at the scene from a distance. Can you spot the train conductor?

Big Bertha's Adventures

A close-up shot with the train conductor sitting comfortably on corn.

Big Bertha's Adventures

Now he’s sitting contentedly on the stem of a gourd.

Big Bertha's Adventures

It wasn’t until I zoomed and cropped the photo that I realized the poor train conductor doesn’t have a face!  More blogs to come featuring the conductor and the rest of his companions.  We’ll find out soon enough if they too are faceless.

Big Bertha's Adventures

Add variety to your still life photos by adding unusual objects—like the N scale figures. It gives you an opportunity to practice your skills at macro photography.

Camera used: Canon G11
Date: October 2013

Holiday Gift Giving Ideas:
Big Bertha and Company LOVES miniatures, Legos, N scale or HO scale figures. They make excellent Christmas, birthday and random day gifts. Or just loan them to me for a day or two.

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