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Another Photo Shoot at Starbucks

My daily trip to Starbucks is always a treat but today was more enjoyable than usual.

A car caught my eye near the drive-way.  I suspect this was the only make-shift parking spot the car’s owner could find.  It also showcased the car quite well.

My immediate thought:  I MUST get a photo of that car.

I knew my friend Jeff would appreciate the photo—he’s a car aficionado.  If nothing else, I have to take the photo for him.   And apparently, I’m noticing cars more than usual.

Surreptitiously I took one photo.  I knew I’d be back for more.

I walked into Starbucks and surveyed the crowd.

Who owns this car?  I wondered.

My barista friends all greeted me—I smiled but had only one goal at hand: find out who owns that car.

Looking at Nick and the crew I asked, “who owns that car outside?”  I didn’t have to describe the car or point to the car.  Everyone knew.

“Isn’t that a sweet car!?” Seth said.

Nick:  “Ah yes.  Peter owns that car.”

Nick pointed across the store—to a man sitting in the patio.

Technically I don’t know this man—I have seen him enough to know he’s a regular—he drinks espressos.  But I’ve not seen this car before.

Denise:  “Do you think he’d let me take a picture?”

Nick:  “Oh yes, I’m sure he will.  He’s really friendly.”

I got my Frappuccino and walked around to the patio to meet Peter—not that I had any idea what I was going to say or why he’d agree to let me photograph his car.  These were details I didn’t focus on.

Denise:  “I asked the baristas who owns that car.  They said you do.  It’s really nice.”

Peter was indeed friendly and he eagerly told me about the car and how it was a gift to himself.  It’s big enough for him and his friends to pile in and go to pubs from time to time.  We talked further and I asked if I could take photos of his car.  He agreed without hesitation.

I took photos in the midst of customers coming out of Starbucks probably wondering what I was doing.  But I stayed focused on my goal.  Besides, I had Peter’s permission to take the photos.

I returned to Peter and gave him the link to my blog and mentioned I would be featuring his car.  He asked if I noticed the inside of the car.  Oddly, I hadn’t taken one look inside—I had been so focused on the exterior.

So we walked over and he showed me the interior.

He explained since the car was from England the interior had weathered quite well—which was fortunate since interiors are usually more expensive to restore.

Here’s a look at today’s unexpected photo shoot

Here’s the side profile of the car.
Big Bertha's Adventures

This is my favorite shot.

Big Bertha's Adventures

This is my second favorite shot.

Big Bertha's Adventures

Here’s a look at the inside of the car featuring bucket seats.

Big Bertha's Adventures

An emblem on the side passenger car door.
I did a Wikipedia— it’s the shield of the Royal coat of Arms of the United Kingdom.  The words, “Dieu et mon droit” translates to “God and my right”  there are additional translations that include:  “God and my right shall me defend.”

Big Bertha's Adventures

More close-up exterior shots.

Big Bertha's Adventures

A look inside.

Big Bertha's Adventures

Most people are friendlier than you think—but you must take that first step in being friendly towards others.

Camera:  Canon G11
Date:  October 2013

Thank you Peter!

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