Big Bertha's Adventures

The Bakery & Ice Cream Shoppe of Michigan

This photo was taken in a classroom at my friend Michelle’s home.  It was Christmas time and her children and I were playing “Bakery and Ice Cream Shoppe”.

Big Bertha's Adventures
They really do have fast and friendly service! I recommend this place next time you’re in town.

They had a very elaborate system set up—one person welcomed me and handed me a menu.  Another person took the order and ran the cash register.

Big Bertha's Adventures
Very efficient and friendly service. Good prices too!

They had an assortment of pretend food to choose from and they also delivered food to other parts of the home.  They do know my weakness for fake food

Big Bertha's Adventures

It was evening when we were playing and the classroom was in the basement.  While I didn’t have my usual box lights or a tripod or even Big Bertha, it didn’t hamper my enthusiasm to take photos with my Canon G11.  Are the photos the best?  No.  But they capture fond memories for Michelle, her children and me.

It’s not always about taking the ideal photo.  Sometimes circumstances prevent it and interrupting the spontaneity would ruin the moment.  Sure a photo might be a little grainy and I should have taken more care when taking the hamburger photo for easier cropping—but that’s part of the charm.  After all, we were caught in the moment of playing Bakery and Ice Cream Shoppe.  That’s more important than the perfect shot.

Camera:  Canon G11
Date:  December 2011

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