Big Bertha's Adventures

Introducing Random Object Wednesday! (ROW)

Welcome to the first Random Object Wednesday!
If you missed the details about Random Object Wednesday, go ahead and click here for details.  This is a weekly feature you’ll want to participate in.  Yes, I said you!

Big Bertha's Adventures

My very first participant, Sam Solomon, was hand selected—he’s been my friend and coworker for nearly 12 years— and he has been just as excited about the launch of the blog as I have.

Introducing Miss Bright Idea!
Sam handed me a spent light bulb from one of our photography studio lights.  I took the item, examined it and concluded it looked like a person.

Admittedly, Miss Bright Idea has no arms but who needs arms when you are always full of bright ideas! Well, she used to have bright ideas until she got burned out at work.  At least she has nice hair.

Big Bertha's Adventures

I figured it would be useful to show the light bulb unadorned but I couldn’t resist using a flashy background to add visual interest.

Big Bertha's Adventures
Two Bright Ideas are better than one.

Date:  September 2013
Camera:  Big Bertha (Canon EOS 5D Mark II)
Materials:  Shiny background is a poster board available at art supply stores.

Upcoming Random Object Wednesdays:
Oct 2:  Jeff Crump
Oct 9:  Alex Covarrubio
Oct 16:  Tore Bellis
Oct 23:  Your Name Here

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