Abandoned Shoe

Denise:  “Sam, I don’t know what to do with this blog.  What’s the point?”

Sam explained I should continue doing the blog.  It can inspire other individuals interested in photography and it gives me a chance to share my experiences with others through my photos.

Sam:  “Don’t over think it.  Be open and see where it takes you.”

With his encouragement I felt renewed motivation and throughout the work day I thought about possible photos for today’s entry.  I came up with several options.


For the last few days I’ve passed a shoe on the side of the road near where I work.  I’ve wanted to stop and take a photo but haven’t until today.  There’s no reason why I want a photo of an abandoned shoe—other than it’s a random object in an unexpected place.

So after work I approached the spot—then passed it and circled the block… then passed it again.  Then when there wasn’t any traffic or people walking by I finally found an opportunity to stop.  You see, I don’t work in the best of neighborhoods.  But it’s been my work neighborhood for just about 12 years.  It’s near strip joints, liquor stores, tattoo parlors and who knows what else.  There’s also a building across from where the shoe is located that collects and sorts donations and discard items.  So the shoe probably came from that place.

And so I present the Abandoned Shoe and an exciting new Category for the Blog:  New & Abandoned Shoes.

Big Bertha's Adventures

Notes about photo:  Taken with Canon G11.

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