Secretly I was cheering for the bull

Big Bertha's Adventures
Secretly I was cheering for the bull

This morning I was telling my coworker I wasn’t happy with my first blog post. So here’s another round on the same Plaza de Toros experience.

Once the bullfighting began and I got a handle on the rules I decided I’d cheer for the bulls.  I didn’t want the bullfighters to get injured but I did enjoy seeing them cornered.

Towards the end of one of the rounds, the bullfighter’s cape got stuck on the bull.  The crowd, kids among them, laughed at the sight.  This massive creature, stood helpless with its head covered with a pink and yellow cape.  When I described the spectacle to my coworker, I explained there wasn’t a word to describe the sight— the best I could come up with was ‘making a fool of the animal’.  He came up with the word without difficulty:  humiliation.

This post will launch a new category of photos for the blog: Emotions.
Periodically, I’ll select photos that convey or inspire a specific feeling.

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