You want me to photograph that? – Sewing Needles!

Today Sam and I came up with a new challenge.  I’m calling this ongoing series, “You want me to photograph that?” The goal of this series is to prove me wrong.  Yes, you read that sentence correctly.  Oftentimes I have my doubts that I can photograph a particular item—like small shiny objects.  This series will challenge me to prove I can. Sam:  “Photograph a sewing needle.” Denise:  “I’ve done that before.” Sam:  “Then you can photograph small shiny objects!” Denise:  “Maybe…  but I did lose all those photos when my computer died.  So I’ll photograph some sewing needles tonight to … Continue reading You want me to photograph that? – Sewing Needles!

Mystery Critter on Angel’s Wing

I came upon a folder from 2008 with photos I don’t remember.  The photo was taken in my garden and features a mystery critter on a ceramic angel’s wing.  If you happen to know what it is let me know! Judging by the angle, I had to get on my hands and knees to take this shot but I think it was worth it all these years later. Camera: Sony DSC-H2 Date:  April 2008 Continue reading Mystery Critter on Angel’s Wing