Big Bertha's Adventures

Random Object Wednesday (ROW)

Big Bertha's Adventures

Starting this Wednesday (September 25,2013) I’ll begin a new series known as Random Object Wednesday.  This will be an exciting new opportunity for you to participate!  It’s simple!

Pick a random object for me to photograph.  If you’re local I can photograph it on the spot or I can borrow the item for a few days to photograph it in my studio.

If you’re not local (or if it’s more convenient) post a comment and suggest the Random Object(s).  I’ll do a scavenger hunt to see if I have the item and will photograph it.

Barbie Doll
Can opener
Hot Wheels
Tea Bag
Dog biscuit
Ketchup packet

What’s in it for you?  Fame?  Fortune?  Nah.  This is a chance to be in Big Bertha’s Adventures Blog—which is fun in itself.

Post a comment, email me or talk to me in person if you want to participate.  I might also hunt you down.

Click here to view the Random Object Calendar to see who will be participating next.

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