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Guest Bio
Big Bertha's Adventures Sam Solomon is Creative Director at Designs in Machine Embroidery magazine.  He is responsible for the design and layout of the bi-monthly print publication.  His duties aren’t limited to the magazine, however.  He also designs and manages the company’s digital publications, product packaging, marketing materials, books, CDs and other products, just to name a few!

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to read a recent article in Folio magazine highlighting Sam’s accomplishments.   
 Big Bertha's Adventures Jeff Crump is a business professional with an MBA in Information Technology. His experience is composed mostly of project management and operations management. His 15 years of employment with Carquest reinforced the ability of others to distract him with talk about the automotive aftermarket or any other automotive type topic.
Big Bertha's Adventures Alex Covarrubio is a whole mess of awesome who is graduating from UNT this December. She mostly spends her days running around doing whatever is next on her list which ranges from working hard making money for bacon, hardly working by being silly and spoiling friends, or chomping into something yummy. She is always on the lookout for her next adventure. She has done Taekwondo for the past 14 years, the last 6 have been teaching. Recently she has begun a new journey as a ballroom dancer (and she is kicking ballroom’s booty to the max!). If you ask her what her hobby is, she will reply, whatever sounds interesting at the moment; which is how she stumbles into new adventures like flying planes and helicopters, having interesting car repairs, and exploring the world (don’t worry there are stupendously funny stories).
 Big Bertha's Adventures

Tore Bellis is a software engineer who has played around with numerous systems from IBM 360 mainframes to Arduino microcontrollers. He has worked for huge multinationals and for tiny startups. His interests include Amateur Radio, scuba diving, science fiction, Steampunk, motorcycles, aviation, multi-line kite flying, photography, adventure travel, anime, history, astronomy, costuming, prop and model building, kilt wearing, electronics, sculpting, automobiles, skiing, physics, ice skating, sailing and most importantly, ballroom dancing.

Big Bertha's Adventures

Karina Ramirez is the new staff writer and social media manager at El Hispano News in Dallas. Prior to that position, she was a business reporter and columnist with the Denton Record-Chronicle in Denton.

She is the Vice President of the Dallas/Fort Worth Hispanic Communicators, a Latino journalist group and the interim membership chair of the Dallas Chapter of Hispanic Women’s Network of Texas.

Originally from Guayaquil, Ecuador, she has made Dallas her home since 2001. She is a happy dancer and the proud mother of the Teen. When she is not working she likes to go for long walks at White Rock Lake and also enjoys listening to different types of music (you need to see her various Spotify playlists). She is the owner of more than 100 postcards, most given to her by friends.


Big Bertha's Adventures

Kristin Briley is a Lead Developer at Tyler Technologies for the case management and citations team. Her passion is ballroom dancing. Her favorite dance is whichever one she is dancing at the time. She has discovered a few unexpected side effects of ballroom dancing: wanting to dress up more, developing a love for high heel shoes and rhinestones. She is the proud mother of one very handsome troublemaker. In her spare time, she paints with acrylics. Her paintings can be found on Facebook at Paint by Color or on Etsy.


 Big Bertha's Adventures Roy Garland III is CTO and Director of Software Development for G7 Solutions.  He has been in the machine embroidery industry for 25 years.  Friends and coworkers know him for his problem solving abilities and are often inclined to compare him to superman or a similar superhero. For fun, Roy enjoys karate several times a week and is working on his black belt.  He also enjoys blacksmithing, playing World of Warcraft, drawing, listening to science fiction books on his iPod and spending time with his wife and two sons.
He also makes a wicked good chili. 
Big Bertha's Adventures While Claudia Spano is an Administrative Assistant by day, her passion really exists in part with her desire to help others. A Citizen Police Academy and Citizen Fire Academy graduate, Claudia spends much of her free time volunteering with the Lewisville Police Department. Her other passion is dancing. Her father taught her to dance to Glenn Miller’s In the Mood as a little girl and her feet haven’t stopped moving since. She has kept her love for music going strong through voice and piano lessons as a teen and today at Arthur Murray Dance Studio where she is currently a student and has participated in a ballroom dancing competition and looking forward to many more. Claudia loves the outdoors, hiking, and spending time with family, and friends. She has twin boys both currently enrolled at NCTC college. Originally from Rural Northern New York Claudia is well traveled having lived in Tacoma, WA; Hawaii; El Paso, TX; Colorado Springs, CO; Augusta, Georgia and currently in Lewisville Texas.
Big Bertha's Adventures Dave and Dawn Wester are a happily married couple that have a variety of interests ranging from dancing to tv watching.  
Big Bertha's Adventures Lucy Holguin is a person with many interests.  She enjoys reading, traveling, painting, cake decorating, sewing, jewelry making, and embroidery to name just a few.  Her current passion is making priests’ vestments embellished with both hand and machine embroidery. In her spare time she teaches papal documents at a local Church.  She is also a professed Marian Catechist and continues her studies in this area.
Big Bertha's Adventures

Cheryl has been registered nurse for 35 years but doesn’t do direct patient care anymore…she teaches and works with technology’s impact on nursing workflow. She travels a lot around the USA for work but loves to come home to her husband James, their cats and their dancing lessons. She tries to be “crafty” but isn’t very good at it. Maybe she’ll get better when she retires and has time to practice more.

Big Bertha's Adventures James A. Vasil (as described by his wife of almost 27 years) a loving and supportive husband, the quintessential engineer, and avid volleyball player. Raised in Huntsville AL, he escaped the hot weather and flat terrain there to move to the Pacific NW, only to marry a Texas gal who eventually wanted to move home to Dallas. Although once he discovered sand volleyball was played most of the year…he settled in nicely. As evidence of his husbandly devotion, he has been taking ballroom dancing lessons with wife for almost two years now and let’s face it, dancing wasn’t high on his list of to-do’s!
Alana Jenkins Alana Jenkins
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