What motivates you, Grandma? (English Translation)

A couple weeks ago I featured Grandma answering the question, What motivates you?”  The video was in Spanish and as I mentioned, my translation skills aren’t the best.  My Uncle Pete stepped up and translated the video for this week’s feature.  Thank you, Uncle Pete!  If you do speak Spanish you can visit her video by clicking here.

For today’s post, I included some photos of grandma from my archives.  Enjoy.


Pat:  Ok Mom, Denise wants to know, she wanted me to ask you what is it that motivates you.
Mom:  Well, in the first place, I am motivated by Christ to continue filling up with love for Him and the blessings that he sends to the whole family.  Secondly, well my whole family.
Pat:  Is that what motivates you?
Mom:  Yes.  All the sons and daughter and son-in-law.  And, it motivates me very much to think that one day I won’t have my pain and I will stand up to walk.
Pat:  When you are in heaven?
Mom:  Oh yes, when I’m in heaven.
Pat:  Is this what motivates you?
Mom:  Yes


If you’d like to participate in the “What motivates you?” series – send an email, text or talk to me in person.  It’s quick and easy.

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