Rainy Day

I purchased an app that reported 100 percent chance of rain last Sunday.  I was devastated.  Weekends are for outdoor adventures.  I felt cheated out of a weekend.  Fortunately, my concerns and the rain cleared after having lunch.  (I have since abandoned the weather app!)

I was able to soak in the sights and sounds of nature after the rain at Oak Point Park.  Here are the highlights.

This snail was the first to greet me when I arrived at the park.

These ants were doing their best to stay alive after the flooding rain.

This park is one of the best for spotting crayfish (crawfish, crawdad) mounds along the sidewalks.  But with the flooding, the little creatures were roaming about – trying to make sense of the world.

There were dozens of crayfish going against the flow.  They did not give up.

The shot below is a little misleading.  I wasn’t trying to squash the critter.  Truth be told, he had me shaking in my boots.

The crayfish in the photo below was another fun encounter.  He was ready for a fight.  He’d get so excited, he’d flip upside down.  (I didn’t have the heart to take that humiliating shot).  Poor fellow.  He tried so hard.

Beautiful colors and so photogenic.

If only he’d smile for the camera.

I sacrificed my favorite boots for the shot below.  I had to step in water and mud to get close enough for this shot.  (I only had my macro lens with me.  The telephoto is never at hand when I need it).  Notice the blue accents on the claws.  I hear blue is trending this year.

Frog season is back.  This frog didn’t mind the attention.  He even posed long enough for passersby to take photos with their iPhones.

Camera:  Canon EOS 5D Mark IV (Rockalita Sunshine)
Date:  April 2017
Notes:  Don’t trust weather apps.  😉