On Becoming Blue Hair Girl

A few years ago, I did something completely out of character, but something I wanted to do since high school but never did:  dye my hair blue.

No one tells you when you turn blue, that you become addicted to untraditional hair color.

It wasn’t long before my unusual hair color needs outgrew my hair stylist and finding a new hair color specialist wasn’t easy.

Look around.  Blue hair people are common but not that common.  You cannot go just anywhere to get your hair bleached and expertly dyed blue.  There are risks involved… like the hair color being horrifically wrong, the hair getting damaged or the hair being restored to its original natural hair color instead of being dyed rainbow bright.  These are not life-altering disasters but they are valid inconveniences that involve money and time wasted.  (A typical blue hair appointment lasts 3-4 hours)

I decided the best technique would be conducting an in-person interview at a salon.  The arrogance of such a thing—but it had to be done.  Blue hair is at stake!

While visiting the Shops at Willow Bend I spotted a TONI&GUY salon.  I walked in and was greeted by a friendly woman with beautiful purple hair.

Denise:  “I need blue hair.  Can that be done here… and did you get your hair done here?”

The woman replied yes and she introduced me to Michael, a Technical Creative Director.

I explained my hair woes—the recent disasters and my goal of becoming blue haired again.  He reassured me, explained his years of experience and what approach he’d take with my hair.  After meeting him, I knew I was home.  My parched dry, brittle and faded blue hair would be revived to its once former glory and maybe even something better.

Since that first visit I was able to achieve my goal of restoring my identity as “Blue Haired Girl with Fuchsia.”  Then I expanded my ambitions by becoming a “Peacock” with blue, pink… and what I call, Starbucks Green highlights.

My newest goal this year was to showcase multi-colored victory rolls.  I arrived at my hair appointment with victory rolls to help Michael determine where to color my hair.

We chose purple and pink dye.  The colors, while shockingly bright, are balanced with my natural hair color.  It’s not for everyone – it’s for me.

Michael worked his magic bleaching and dying my hair.  Then he had an associate wash and dry my hair.  What I didn’t expect was getting my hair styled with victory rolls.  As in, proper victory rolls.  Real victory rolls that live up to their name would be on my head!  I was giddy with excitement when I heard their plan.  And the plan kept getting better as the appointment progressed.  I’d be photographed with my new hairdo!

The appointment continued and customers watched with curiosity as not one… but five TONI&GUY employees surrounded me.

Michael joked, “you like the colored hair because of the attention!”

My reply:  “maybe just a little!”  (More like a WHOLE LOT).

I did feel a bit self-conscious as I forgot to put makeup on before I left the house.  I mentioned my faux pas and a very kind makeup artist not only addressed my tired eyes but she made me look pretty.

I deeply regretted not wearing polka dots to go with my multi-colored victory rolls. Note to self:  don’t leave the house without wearing polka dots.  

During the entire process my back was to the mirror—so I couldn’t see what was going on.  They put such care into the makeover.  It was a dream come true to have such a fun experience happen and so unexpectedly.

They turned me around and at last I had expertly made multi-colored victory rolls sitting pretty on my head.

Next came my photo shoot!  Here are the photos Michael took and featured on his Instagram page.

On Becoming Blue Haired Girl

I’ve never been involved in a social media post that had 450+ likes.  #wow #victoryforthemulticoloredvictoryrolls


By far, this was my best trip to TONI&GUY.  What stunning customer service.


With a spring in my step and the best victory rolls to ever inhabit my head, I begged my friend Tore to take photos of my hair.  Who knows when I’ll have professionally made up hair of this magnitude again.  It should be documented.

Here are some highlights.

On Becoming Blue Haired Girl On Becoming Blue Haired Girl On Becoming Blue Haired Girl

Closing thoughts:

It took over 15 years to be ready for blue hair… pink hair… purple hair and green hair.  It was worth the wait and probably means more now than it would have back in high school. Is there a goal you’ve put off achieving because others won’t understand or you’re afraid to see it through to completion?  Life is much too short to worry about naysayers!

It’s also a correct statement that multi-colored hair doesn’t pass a variety of professional dress codes.  I’m fortunate that my workplace doesn’t have a strict policy and in fact, embraces my quirks.  Hair extensions, washable dye and even chalk are available for those who need a less permanent option.

Thank you Michael and Tore for a memorable day!



















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