Big Bertha's Adventures

Men’s Shoes

Men’s shoes are always an interesting subject to photograph.  Fortunately, I know several gentlemen who are willing to indulge me in my quest to take the perfect shoe photo.

These shots were taken outside the Perot Museum.  I like the rugged outdoor effect created by the petrified log contrasting with the formal men’s shoe, slacks and dress socks.

Big Bertha's Adventures

Big Bertha's Adventures

This shot was taken downtown Dallas – in the underground passageway between Reunion Tower and Union Station.  I liked how the floor was at an incline and the colors seemed to complement each other.  As an aside, is everyone aware of this underground passageway?  This was a new discovery for me.

Big Bertha's Adventures

Camera:  Big Bertha (Canon EOS 5D Mark II)
Date:  December 2013, January 2014
Models:  Tore Bellis, Jeff Crump
Notes:  You may be wondering why bother taking photos of shoes?  It’s good practice, it’s not the typical photo you’d take of a friend and it forces you to see things in different ways.

One thought on “Men’s Shoes

  1. I’m right with you. It’s a different topic, but an interesting one as well. With Spring time now in underway, a similar fun topic is pedicures. I love seeing the fun colors and different designs that peopel use to express themselves. It’s like a hidden canvas that not many people notice.

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