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Random Object Wednesday: Yeehaw!

I was excited when Alex Covarrubio presented her Random Object to photograph…. Boots!  Fortunately, Alex needed the boots back right away otherwise I would have had several hundred photos to choose from.  😉


I wanted a brick background so I went to downtown McKinney, Texas on what turned out to be an unusually cold day for October. Sadly, the photo shoot didn’t last long—it was too cold.

To give you a visual… Picture me wandering around the town square, shivering cold, with two cameras around my neck while carrying boots.  I got a variety of curious stares.

Here are two shots I managed to take in downtown McKinney.

Big Bertha's Adventures

The first was taken at a storefront that fortunately wasn’t open.

The second was in front of a government building with a nice flowerbed.

Big Bertha's Adventures

Disappointed with the cold weather, I decided to take my photo shoot indoors.

My indoor photo shoot turned out better than anticipated.  My biggest challenge was narrowing down the photos to a few.  Since I couldn’t do that effectively, this blog will have two sections:  Golden and Natural Light.

Golden Photo Shoot

I experimented with lighting for this set of photos.  While it’s not appropriate in every circumstance, it seemed to work well for the boots.

Here are some close-up shots highlighting the stitching on the boots.

Big Bertha's Adventures

Then I decided it would be fun to place a boot flat and focus on the curves.

Big Bertha's Adventures

I really liked how the inside of the boot was well-worn.  I imagine these boots have quite a history!

Big Bertha's Adventures

Recently I received a bouquet of roses.  Not wanting them to go to waste, I decided they’d be the perfect addition to the boot scene.  I couldn’t resist setting up a shot with the boot ‘stepping’ on a rose.

Big Bertha's Adventures

Natural Light Photo Shoot.

The boot seemed like the perfect ‘vase’ for the roses.  Don’t worry Alex, I put them in a bag before placing in the boot.

Big Bertha's Adventures

Next I tried the roses placed delicately beside the boots.

Big Bertha's Adventures

Then I couldn’t resist making a single boot the focus of the shot.

Big Bertha's Adventures

Last but not least, the toes.

Big Bertha's Adventures

It is often true that less is more.  Perhaps I should have narrowed my selection down to even fewer photos for this blog.  However, I have often found in my day-time job that we regret not taking enough shots of a particular scene and we have to “make do” with what we have.  I’d rather have more photos to choose from and more options than to make one or two shots work for my needs.  If you go through the time and effort to set up a scene to photograph you might as well take more than enough photos.  You can always narrow your selection down later and/or delete photos if hard drive space is an issue.  (gasp)

Camera:  Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Date:  October 2013

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