Plaza de Toros

Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas in Madrid
Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas in Madrid

I admit this is an unusual photo to launch my photography blog with. You’ll either like it or hate it.

Here’s the background:
This was our first day in Madrid. We landed mid-morning, got settled in our hotel then scoped out the sights to see. It just so happened there was a bullfight that Sunday evening. It was the only day available– so we got a taxi and off we went.

I didn’t realize what I was getting into until the bullfighting began.  (Surprisingly, I don’t always think things through 😉   )

It was a 2-hour experience. A new bull was introduced every half hour.

I was uncomfortable and stopped taking photos after awhile.

We had to leave for other commitments — so we only stayed half-way through. I was glad to leave.

3 thoughts on “Plaza de Toros

  1. Claudia, it was a fascinating experience. The bulls have such force– to see them nearly knocking over the horses was quite jolting. I was also impressed by the bullfighters’ flexibility and nimbleness.

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