Day in the Life of a Street Vendor

We were sitting on the upper deck of a tour bus in Florence, Italy when I took this photo. I was watching “closing time” for a street vendor.  The vendor was carefully wrapping up her jewelry then placing the items in her car when a wave of customers came by.  She greeted them as they briefly looked at her products.  They walked on without buying anything.  She continued to pack her items into the trunk of her car. Then a mother and son walked by.  Again, the vendor greeted them.  The mother looked at the items and seemed interested enough. … Continue reading Day in the Life of a Street Vendor

Plaza de Toros

I admit this is an unusual photo to launch my photography blog with. You’ll either like it or hate it. Here’s the background: This was our first day in Madrid. We landed mid-morning, got settled in our hotel then scoped out the sights to see. It just so happened there was a bullfight that Sunday evening. It was the only day available– so we got a taxi and off we went. I didn’t realize what I was getting into until the bullfighting began.  (Surprisingly, I don’t always think things through 😉   ) It was a 2-hour experience. A new … Continue reading Plaza de Toros