Look for beauty in unexpected places.

Taking beauty shots of flowers in full bloom is always enjoyable.  I have hundreds of those shots.  Sometimes it can be frustrating to get those shots because EVERYONE is trying to get the same shot—and they are in my way.  But a good solution is to go for the shots that no one else sees.  Those are my favorite moments in a garden.  I feel like I have discovered something new—like these spent tulip petals that have fallen naturally on the ground. Notes about photo:  This photo was taken using Big Bertha (Canon EOS 5D Mark II) Continue reading Look for beauty in unexpected places.

Mushrooms as Art

Five years ago I decided to have a botanical birthday, so I got in my car and drove 100 miles southeast of where I live to visit the Athens Botanical Gardens in Athens, TX.  That’s where I found reddish colored mushrooms—which I had never seen before and haven’t seen anywhere else.  It reminds me of the mushrooms in Super Mario Brothers. ————————————————————————————————————— This photo is part of an ongoing series of mushroom photos in my collection.  (I like to take photos of objects that most people overlook.) Notes about photo:  This photo was taken with a Sony DSC-H2– a great … Continue reading Mushrooms as Art