Googly Eyes

Thought I’d take a departure from the norm by posting this photo from my archives.  This was back when I played with food.  I’ve moved on to miniatures and insects.  😉   Enjoy!   Date:  December 2013 Camera:  Big Bertha (Canon EOS 5D Mark II) Notes:  Also, please note, the comments box is back.  Don’t forget to post interest in participating in the “What motivates you?” series.     Continue reading Googly Eyes

Cookies in Siena, Italy

We walked by this bakery in Siena, Italy several times during our visit.  It’s quite a departure from the bakery of my local grocery store.  The woman in the photo looks like my grandma! On the last day of our stay I had to walk in, admire the pastries and make a purchase.  Looking at the photo it’s a wonder how I didn’t buy one of each. The photo below represents most everything I need in life:  chocolate cookies and my camera.  😉   Photo tips:   Tip 1.  With over 200,000 photos it’s nearly impossible for me to keep track … Continue reading Cookies in Siena, Italy