Christmas in August

Most people don’t realize this, but I ‘celebrate’ Christmas twice a year:  in August and in December.  Working for a craft/hobby magazine, the Christmas issue is planned well in advance and is photographed in the summer.  It’s always strange to have Christmas trees up in the middle of summer.  Weather during this time of year is usually 100 degrees.  Not exactly Christmas weather! While I can’t show you any sneak peeks at the projects our photographer shot, I can show you a few behind the scenes shenanigans I shot.  Enjoy.   You might think it’s odd to take a ventriloquist’s … Continue reading Christmas in August

Overzealous Bee

I was digging through my archives for forgotten photos and found this fun shot.  I think we can relate. (Imagine diving in to a gallon of ice cream). I cropped it for a better view – admittedly, it’s not the best quality photo but it’s still fun.  This was way before I had Big Bertha or Rockalita Sunshine.  (My Canon cameras).  I also didn’t know how to use my camera.  😉 Camera:  Sony DSC-H2 Location:  I think my backyard. Date:  September 2017   Continue reading Overzealous Bee