The Dragonfly: A cooperative subject to photograph

This photo was taken at one of my favorite locations—the Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens.  There’s a pond that is quite popular where people like to get their photos taken.  Usually they create a commotion, get their pictures taken then move on.  I can remain in that area for 15 minutes to a half hour—maybe even longer.  It’s the best spot to ‘hunt’ for interesting subjects to photograph—like the dragonfly. If you’re interested in taking photos of dragonflies, be patient.  They are actually pretty cooperative.  They may fly away from a spot—but if you wait a few seconds, they will return … Continue reading The Dragonfly: A cooperative subject to photograph

When is a photo more than a photo?

It was 10 am on a September day in 2010. I remember what I was wearing—and since it was 10 am I hadn’t had a Java Chip Frappuccino yet. I was in a meeting.  The meeting went from bad to worse in a matter of minutes that seemed to have lasted a lifetime. I left the meeting.  I went to Starbucks and had my Java Chip Frappuccino. If I remember correctly, Aaron the barista handed me the drink. On principle alone I went to the gym that night.  I was on a cardio workout routine and I refused to skip … Continue reading When is a photo more than a photo?

Mystery Critter on Angel’s Wing

I came upon a folder from 2008 with photos I don’t remember.  The photo was taken in my garden and features a mystery critter on a ceramic angel’s wing.  If you happen to know what it is let me know! Judging by the angle, I had to get on my hands and knees to take this shot but I think it was worth it all these years later. Camera: Sony DSC-H2 Date:  April 2008 Continue reading Mystery Critter on Angel’s Wing

Wingback Chair

I wish I had an interesting story to go with this photo!  In some ways, I think the photo is enough. Uninteresting Story Behind the Photo: I was leaving the office and took a different route onto Walnut Hill Lane.  That’s when I spotted this unexpected scene near a convenience store and donations collection box.  I have since driven by the area and while the artwork is still there, the chair is long gone. Camera:  Canon G11 Date:  April 2012 Location:  Dallas, TX Continue reading Wingback Chair

Circle of Life: Dragonfly

I was in my garden and noticed a dead dragonfly on a stone.  Ants were busy ‘cleaning up’ the mess and there was a fly nearby.  Three hours later, I checked the carcass to see the ants’ progress.  Notice how the ants are gone. Notes about photos:   Date:  July 2007 Camera:  Sony DSC-H2 This post launches a new category:  Circle of Life.  Oh yes, I have more photos like these and have been waiting for the right outlet to show them.  So, either skip the category or prepare for some unusual photos. Continue reading Circle of Life: Dragonfly

Photographing Strangers

My friend Jeff Crump invited me on a photography adventure back in May 2013.  We went to a place I’ve wanted to photograph for awhile… the Greyhound Bus station. As we approached the bus station, there was a man that caught my eye.  He was perfect for my photos. Since I had Big Bertha… I thought I could easily and discreetly take his photo from a distance, hopefully without him noticing. Since I had Big Bertha… a very large camera you don’t see everyday, taking photos discreetly isn’t really an option.  The man noticed I was taking his picture. Since … Continue reading Photographing Strangers

Observe your surroundings

A few years ago a splurged and bought a Passion Flower vine.  It was the most expensive plant I had ever purchased. Soon after planting the vine, I noticed caterpillars were eating my prized vine.  Simple solution—I threw the caterpillars onto a nearby spider web for a ‘pet’ spider to eat. I decided to research the vine and learned the caterpillars are my friends.  It turns out they only eat the Passion Flower vine—and they eventually turn into pretty orange butterflies—known as the Gulf Fritillary butterfly.  I don’t end up with just a couple butterflies every year.  I end up … Continue reading Observe your surroundings

Look for beauty in unexpected places.

Taking beauty shots of flowers in full bloom is always enjoyable.  I have hundreds of those shots.  Sometimes it can be frustrating to get those shots because EVERYONE is trying to get the same shot—and they are in my way.  But a good solution is to go for the shots that no one else sees.  Those are my favorite moments in a garden.  I feel like I have discovered something new—like these spent tulip petals that have fallen naturally on the ground. Notes about photo:  This photo was taken using Big Bertha (Canon EOS 5D Mark II) Continue reading Look for beauty in unexpected places.

The butterflies taught me patience.

I used to almost exclusively take photos of butterflies, spiders and flowers.  I’ve developed a lot of other interests since those days but it was nature photography that helped me grow in confidence as a photographer.  After all, it takes some patience to photograph butterflies. This photo was taken back in 2005 at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens—one of my favorite places for nature photography.  I used a Sony DSC-V1.  This was the early days of my photography adventures before Big Bertha.  Remember that you don’t need an expensive camera to achieve good results. Continue reading The butterflies taught me patience.

Mushrooms as Art

Five years ago I decided to have a botanical birthday, so I got in my car and drove 100 miles southeast of where I live to visit the Athens Botanical Gardens in Athens, TX.  That’s where I found reddish colored mushrooms—which I had never seen before and haven’t seen anywhere else.  It reminds me of the mushrooms in Super Mario Brothers. ————————————————————————————————————— This photo is part of an ongoing series of mushroom photos in my collection.  (I like to take photos of objects that most people overlook.) Notes about photo:  This photo was taken with a Sony DSC-H2– a great … Continue reading Mushrooms as Art

Stepping Stones

Two years ago I undertook a task that was bigger than I anticipated.  It required me to learn new skills—including how to work studio lights, work with white balance and most importantly, have the confidence to believe I could photograph something other than nature photos—at that time, my specialty.  (I only photographed easy subjects like butterflies, spiders, flowers, etc.) The task required me to work after hours and on weekends. Once the task was complete I regretted ever ‘wasting my time’ as I felt it became a labor of love.  In retrospect however, that experience helped me become a more … Continue reading Stepping Stones